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Сompany " MixLab" is specialized on supplying with a laboratory equipment, modern analytical devices, and also expense/pl materials, awaiting-parts to them.

          A complex decision of tasks of control of quality of products is in chemical laboratories, satisfaction of various queries of users of analytical devices is our basic task.

           Supplying with an equipment is accompanied by the complete complex of services, including not only warranty obligations, setting and input of equipment in exploitation but also operative service, educating of personnel to work on devices, informative and consultative help.

Our products finds its application in almost all industries :

• Quality control of pharmaceuticals ;

• Quality control of food products;

• Quality control of products of the chemical , oil and gas transportation industry;

• Monitoring of the environment

• The study of customs , forensic laboratories and forensic ;

• Research laboratories ;

• Anti - doping laboratory and substance abuse ;

• Laboratory of Veterinary Services ;

• Laboratory of sanitary-epidemiological stations, etc

       Company "MixLab" has many years experience in supplying and servicing various types of analytical equipment, ensures our partners:

• Assistance in the selection of equipment that best covers the necessary analytical tasks;

• Timely delivery and customs clearance of the equipment supplied;

• The supply of spare parts and accessories;

• Qualified consulting support throughout the lifetime of the equipment